Legal Status

B.M.C.R.C. is registered under Govt. of West Bengal Act. XXVI of 1961 with registration number S/76111.

Our establisment is promoting of Complementary Medicine. B.M.C.R.C. is Affiliated with THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES, (Medicina Alternativa), Alma Ata, which is established as per World Health Organisation, U.S.S.R. Declaration 1962. The University is recognised by the United Nations Peace University costituted under resoulation No. 35/55/5/XII/80 of August 15th 1988.


The CERTIFICATE / DIPLOMA holders of B.M.C.R.C. shall not be convicted or punished by any State Government of India or Central Government, if it is proved that he/she has honestly performed his/her duties during course of treatment.