Courses Offered

R. M. P. Registered Medical Practitioner. Madhyamik / 10+2 24 Months
B.A.S.M. Basic Ayurvedic System of Medicines 10+2 24 Months
D I A S M Diploma in Indo Allopathy System of Medicines Madhyamik / 10+2 24 Months
DAMS Diploma in Alternative System of Medicine Madhyamik / 10+2 24 Months
DHSH Diploma in Homoeopathy Science and Hygiene Madhyamik / 10+2 18 Months
DGSH Diploma in Gynaecology Science and Hygiene R.M.P / BIASM 18 Months
DDSH Diploma in Dental Science and Hygiene R.M.P / BIASM 18 Months
DCHC Diploma in Child Health Care R.M.P / BIASM 12 Months
D.P.T. Diploma in Physio Therapy R.M.P / Intermediate Sc. 18 Months
C.S.O.P. Clinical Science of Optometry Practitioner R.M.P / Intermediate Sc. 12 Months
D.M.L.T. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician Madhyamik / H.S (Science) will be Preffered 24 Months
D.M.R.T. Diploma in Medical Radiographic Technician Madhyamik / H.S (Science) / DMS / DHMS / BHMS 12 Months
DMEEG Diploma in Medical Electro Encephalogram Intermediate Sc. or its equivalent 12 Months
DECT Diploma in Electro Cardiogram Technician H.S. (Sc.) / B.SC / Any Medical Course 12 Months
MBEH Bachelor of Medicines in Electro Homoeopathy DEH 12 Months
BAMS Bachelor of Alternative System of Medicines R.M.P. / DIASM / PHARMACY 24 Months
BDAS Bachelor in Dental Alternative Science R.M.P. / DIASM / PHARMACY 24 Months
PGDNT Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Therapy BIASM / BAMS 12 Months
BDMN Basic Diploma in Mid-Wifery Nursing 10+2 18 Months
DNOAT Diploma in Nursing & O.T. Assistant Training 10+2 24 Months
BNT Basic Nursing Training Madhyamik / H.S. 24 Months
DMN Diploma in Male Nursing Madhyamik / H.S. 18 Months
DFN Diploma in Female Nursing Madhyamik / H.S. 24 Months
CD Certificate of Dresser Madhyamik / H.S. 12 Months
CCDT Clinical Cancer Detecting Training R.M.P. / BIASM 6 Months
FWT & PET Family Welfare Training & Population Education Training Any Medical System 6 Months
FAGP Fellow of Alternative General Practitioner R.M.P. / Diploma / Bachelor 6 Months

Please contact B.M.C.R.C. - KOLKATA or it's affiliated centres for further details.