About Us

Dr. B.C. Roy Memorial Complementary Medicines Research Centre (B.M.C.R.C.) is Affiliated with THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES, (Medicina Alternativa). Which is estalished as per World Health Organisation, Alma Ata, U.S.S.R. Declaration 1962, accorded International recognition to make ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES popular and recognised as a Deemed University by authority of His Excellency, The President of The Democratic Republic of SRILANKA by ref. No. 196/1 of March 25th 1988. This University is recognised by the United Nations Peace University constituted under resolution No. 35/55/5/XII/80 of August 15th 1988.

It is accepted by all human being that from birth to last stage of life, we cann't live a Fruitful Life without Medical Science. Complementary system of Medicines will highly encourage the large section of poor people of our country whether urban or rural to follow the principle that there is nothing in the world which doesn't have any therapeutic utility. The aims and objects of B.M.C.R.C which is approved by the Government of West Bengal are as follows:

1. To run, maintain, manage and carry on Complementary Medicines (ie. Alternative Medicine) for the benifit of PUBLIC.

2. To arrange and organise various courses on Complementary / Alternative Medicines for Study and Treatment.

3. To give necessary instruction to the students of B.M.C.R.C. both on the theoretical and practical education on Alternative Medical Science by the qualified & experienced DOCTORS and PROFESSORS.

4. To arrange and organise lectures, debates, discussions or seminars on Alternative Medicines treatment on applications for the diffusion of knowledge.

5. To publish or cause to be published useful notes, books, magazine, periodicalls etc., which is based on Alternative Medicines for the study of students and interested persons.

6. To establish and maintain laboratory for the Technical and Practical Training and Research Works of the students of Para Medical.

7. To help the needy students of all community for the prosecution of studies.

8. To promote and advancement of Alternative System of Medical Science and treatment in several districts and states of India and to encourage the general public in treatment of Complementary Medicines.